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Free knitting pattern: Golden hat

29 Nov

MERCIGRANNY_Goldenhat_finishedWith a skein of Malabrigo Yarn Sock I knitted a pair of mittens, a matching hat and I have enough left to knit a hadband. For this set I wanted to be minimalistic and knitted everything in stockinette stitch.

It’s so quick to knit you can be ready to gift it for the holidays and for a very reasonable price!

Here is the pattern for the hat. Continue reading


Winter hat

18 Nov


In New York this weekend you could feel winter is on its way. It was the perfect occasion to put on a new hat! I started knitting Continue reading

Beret en dentelle : les photos

24 Mar


The lace beret I was knitting last February was finished but I did not took the time to share some photos of it. I did not had any spare yarn and half a ball was too small to complete an adult size beret. This will be the perfect gift for a young miss!


Horai: unconclusive

21 Mar


A few days ago I casted on a Horai wrap using Drops Kid Silk. It was a big failure:

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Horai for a long flight

5 Mar


When this article will be published, I will probably still be in a 15 hour plane trip. After checking with the flying company I packed my circular needles (the only kind the company autorizes) and I will be knitting the Horai wrap. On October 31st, 2012 I added the Aeolian shawl to my Ravelry queue

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Juno Rainbow Speckles

26 Feb

MERCIGRANNY_JUNO_SPECKLES_01Once upon a time, a very long time, L’Oisivethé sold a new exclusive Juno Fibre Arts color named Rainbow Speckles. This color was exclusive to  Continue reading

Stripes, stripes, stripes

12 Feb


After the size issue with the initial version of MilkDrop I started over. So far I am still knitting stripes in the round. There is nothing happening 
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Gauge matters: Milkdrop

2 Feb


Everybody says so, taking 1 hour for the gauge is very important and will save you some time and issues.

I always knit a gauge. Including for MilkDrop. I must confess Continue reading

MilkDrop : only the sleeves are left!

28 Jan


Milkdrop has been on hold for quite some time now since I focused on the end of the year gifts. I finally finished the body of the sweater, but big surprise: it’s too large. I checked my gauge and it is accurate, I followed the pattern as well, maybe the yarn weight is acting…

I need to start all over again!!!!

Lace beret using mohair and silk

21 Jan


After completing the douce chaleur d’hiver scarf, I still had half a ball of ITO Sensai remaining. So I casted on for Continue reading