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Winter hat

18 Nov


In New York this weekend you could feel winter is on its way. It was the perfect occasion to put on a new hat! I started knitting Continue reading


Purl Soho

1 May


When I moved in to New York,I couldn’t wait for the day I would be able to go to Purl Soho. I don’t miss a single new blog post they write and I generally love all the creations and ideas they feature, no matter if it is knitting, sewing or weaving.

I soon found some time Continue reading

Notions store Homo-Roussel in Rouen, France

23 Apr


I did not took the time to publish anything in the last days (month???) as I was only focusing on my move to the United States. Before I left France I stopped at the notion’s store Homo-Roussel in Rouen, France in order to buy a few DMC Natura for a new project. This reference is not available in North America and I hope I bought enough for my project!

On this picture you can see a lot of Sajou notions that this store carries.

Yarn at the Rejkyavik airport

13 Mar


During my journey last week I had a plane connection in Rejkyavik, Iceland. I did not have enough time to get out of the airport in town but I was hoping that the Duty Free shop  would carry some local goods (yarn for example!).

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Juno Rainbow Speckles

26 Feb

MERCIGRANNY_JUNO_SPECKLES_01Once upon a time, a very long time, L’Oisivethé sold a new exclusive Juno Fibre Arts color named Rainbow Speckles. This color was exclusive to  Continue reading

Myrobolan: sustainable and natural fiber

24 Feb


During the Aiguille en Fête fair, I discovered Myrobolan yarns. I stopped at their booth because it was beautifully set, the packing and overall design were really attracting. Afterwards, it’s the quality and the engagement that made me stay on the booth. Unfortunately I could not buy any yarn because I am moving abroad really soon and stashing new yarn is not an option. I was so amazed by their products that I wanted to introduce Myrobolan to you.

The founder and creative director for Myrobolan 
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Do you know japanese Tsutsugaki?

8 Feb


Yesterday I was at the Aiguille en fête fair in Paris, France. Like every other year the japanese shop Anne’s House is there. This shop offers beautiful fabrics, accessories for quilting and sewing kits. This year I also discovered the beautiful japanese Tsutsugaki. This traditional Continue reading

Last minute Christmas gift

18 Dec

MERCIGRANNY_ITO_SensaiMy Christmas gift production planning was already full and here we are, I just received a last minute request for Christmas. A scarf it is.
How can I succesfully finish  all the on-going gifts and add a new one within the time left ? Continue reading

Advertising agency BEING creates the voucher to be knitted for Bergère de France

24 Apr


The other day I discovered this advertising campaign on the Facebook pages of the advertising agency BEING and Bergère de France

It’s a great way to communicate for Bergère de France and it involves vouchers (only in the Bordeaux, France shop unfortunately). Continue reading

Review of l’Aiguille en fête (fair)

19 Feb


I promise you tomorrow I will write about knitting again (Love Socks on the needles) but first I wanted to summarize my weekend at the fair and the great shops and products I found there.

You probably guessed it, what I loved most at the fair was meeting Rio Fukuda but I also bought many knitting and sewing products.

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