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Purl Soho

1 May


When I moved in to New York,I couldn’t wait for the day I would be able to go to Purl Soho. I don’t miss a single new blog post they write and I generally love all the creations and ideas they feature, no matter if it is knitting, sewing or weaving.

I soon found some time Continue reading


Horai: unconclusive

21 Mar


A few days ago I casted on a Horai wrap using Drops Kid Silk. It was a big failure:

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Yarn at the Rejkyavik airport

13 Mar


During my journey last week I had a plane connection in Rejkyavik, Iceland. I did not have enough time to get out of the airport in town but I was hoping that the Duty Free shop  would carry some local goods (yarn for example!).

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Juno Rainbow Speckles

26 Feb

MERCIGRANNY_JUNO_SPECKLES_01Once upon a time, a very long time, L’Oisivethé sold a new exclusive Juno Fibre Arts color named Rainbow Speckles. This color was exclusive to  Continue reading

Myrobolan: sustainable and natural fiber

24 Feb


During the Aiguille en Fête fair, I discovered Myrobolan yarns. I stopped at their booth because it was beautifully set, the packing and overall design were really attracting. Afterwards, it’s the quality and the engagement that made me stay on the booth. Unfortunately I could not buy any yarn because I am moving abroad really soon and stashing new yarn is not an option. I was so amazed by their products that I wanted to introduce Myrobolan to you.

The founder and creative director for Myrobolan 
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Douce châleur d’hiver scarf

13 Jan


A fortnight before Christmas, I received an order for a handmade scarf. I selected a few patterns based on the amount of knitting time left: lace using 3.5mm needles, the lace piece had to be easily memorized. I could also adapt the scarf’s size to make sure it would be wide enough to be a regular scarf but also small enough to be a quick knit. The lace pattern I choose Continue reading

Stripped baby dress knitted as one piece

10 Jan


Mostly baby boys are born around me but for once it was a girl. I made a little gift to myself and knitted a pink striped baby dress as a present to the parents.

This dress is easy to knit and can be done by beginners. What is most peculiar about this pattern is Continue reading

Last minute Christmas gift

18 Dec

MERCIGRANNY_ITO_SensaiMy Christmas gift production planning was already full and here we are, I just received a last minute request for Christmas. A scarf it is.
How can I succesfully finish  all the on-going gifts and add a new one within the time left ? Continue reading

Local fair: Salon Marjolaine in Paris

28 Nov

MERCIGRANNY_wool_skeinAt the beginning of the month I went to a local fair named Salon Marjolaine in Paris. They introduce themselves on the website as the “largest organic fresh market in France”.

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What I think about Milk protein fiber

18 Oct


Good Witch Knits asked me what I thought about milk fiber (which is pretty intriguing). Rather than a quick answer on a comment I wanted to write an entire article about this yarn type !
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